Additional Video Specifications

  • Videos that exceed Navori QL's video specifications will be automatically disabled. These videos will appear with a greyed-out thumbnail in the Content Library and attempts to enable the content by selecting the "Enabled" check-box in the content property window will fail. This content cannot be shown on your screens. You must delete the file and upload a new version that meets the software's requirements.

  • The most complete and up to date list of supported content can be viewed here.
  • The maximum video bitrate supported for Navori QL SaaS users is 55,000 mbps. While this is the maximum supported rate, for best performance and compatibility we recommend 1080p (Full HD) content be around 5,000 - 10,000 mbps. For 4K content, we recommend 10,000 - 15,000 mbps.
  • Navori QL Self-Hosted server administrators can modify the maximum video bitrate in the server settings. Click here for additional information.