Tag management and best practices

Tags should always be created based on Domains and the root level administrator should NOT be involved in the creation of tags for domain level users, players, or content.

It’s important to remember there are two types of administrator and users, those at the root level and those at the domain level.

  • Root Level Administrators and users have an unrestricted view of the entire player network, including all the domains below the root. These users will always see new groups or domains as they are added. You can’t restrict the view of root level administrators and users.
  • Domain Level Administrators and users are restricted to their assigned domain.

The Root Level Administrator account should only manage the server, software licensing, server properties and technical profiles. This account oversees all the domains under their supervision. By default, the Root Level Administrator is the person who also has Navori Extranet access and can purchase new licenses for the organization. While you can create multiple Root Level Administrator accounts, it’s important to understand the differences between these accounts and Domain Level Administrator accounts. It’s important to note, Navori SaaS Root Level Administrator accounts are authenticated using MFA, so these accounts should only be used for advanced management or troubleshooting tasks. Root Level Administrator accounts should not be used to perform regular management tasks. Regular management tasks should only be performed by Domain Level Administrators.

Domain Level Administrator accounts should only be used to manage the content, schedules, tagging, player groups and technical profiles associated with their own respective domain.

If these guidelines are not respected, the roles of these administrator accounts could get mixed up, which could cause issues with the management of various functions.

  1. Deleting a tag created by a domain user when logged in as a ROOT user.
  • A tag is created by a Domain Level User and the tag is assigned to the players in their domain.
  • The Root Level Administrator/User has visibility to every tag that was created by child domain’s user AND the tag is assigned to at least one player (See 2. Tag Visibility below) when the Root Level Administrator/User decides to delete the tag from their root view.
  • In this case, the Root Level Administrator/User is in fact simply removing the association between the tag and the player, and by doing so they will also remove the tag in the Root Level Administrator/User’s view; however the tag will still be visible when logged in as the Domain Level User who originally created the tag.
  • The original tag will never be deleted if the Root Level Administrator did not create it. This is normal behavior.
  • Essentially, the Root Level Administrator/User is removing the tag’s inheritance when it was created by the Domain Level User and assigned to the player. In this case, the tag will be removed from the player and the Root Level Administrator/User will not see the tag anymore. Meanwhile, the tag will still be visible to the Domain Level User. The Root Level Administrator/User will simply need to reassign the player tag to see it.
  1. Tag visibility

Whenever a tag is created by a domain level user and is NOT assigned to any players, the tag will not be visible to the root level users. The tag will ONLY become visible when the tag is assigned to a player.

  1. Consolidated tags

Scenario: A tag named “airport” has been created in multiple domains.

The root level administrator will see a single consolidated tag named airport regardless of how many times and domains this tag has been created. Again, if the Root Level Administrator/User decides to delete the tag from the Tag Assignment list, it will only remove the association between the tag and all the players this tag has been assigned to regardless of the domain.

This tag consolidation process is necessary to avoid duplicate tags in the Tag Assignment list of a Root Level Administrator/User.