Microsoft Exchange data feeds

QL Server can retrieve calendar information from Microsoft Exchange email accounts and room mailboxes so you can display room reservation and appointment information on your QL Player screens.

QL Server synchronizes and stores the data in a server feed so QL Players can retrieve and display this information in templates and tickers. You can display meetings and room reservations from the current time to the end of the current day.

NOTE: This feature is available on QL Player Windows, Android, and Samsung Tizen.

How to configure your Microsoft Exchange data feed

You need the following information:

  • Microsoft Exchange server URL
  • User email account login name.
  • User’s Exchange password.
  • Optionally – room mailbox alias name.


Step 1: Configure your Exchange feed

Launch the Template or Ticker designer.

Click on the Data Feed Manager button.

Click New Feed, and then select Microsoft Exchange from the Type pull down menu to configure a new Exchange data feed.

Next, enter the required information into each field.

Name: Give your new Exchange feed a descriptive name.

URL: Enter the Microsoft Exchange's server URL.

Login: Enter a valid Microsoft Exchange user account login name. This is required so QL can connect with your Exchange server and retrieve the information.

Password: Enter the password for the Microsoft Exchange user account.

Resource: If you plan to show room reservations, you must configure a valid user account first, and then enter the room mailbox alias (email address) in the Resource field so QL Players can retrieve and display information for the room. Click here for additional information from Microsoft about creating and managing room mailboxes in Exchange.

Step 2: Use your Exchange data in a template or ticker

Once you have configured the QL Data Feed Manager to retrieve your Exchange data, you can use this data feed in any template or ticker, like any other type of QL compatible data feed.

Click here to access the Data Feed Manager instructions.