How to deploy content and programs to the Players

To publish updates instantly:

Click the PUBLISH button to push content updates and program instructions to your players. In fact, it's good practice to click the PUBLISH button whenever you have made changes that you want to show on your screen. 

  1. In order to publish updates to your players, you must first select them by clicking their status boxes (these are the boxes that change color according to the player status).
  2. Click the PUBLISH button above the scheduling grid window.

When you click this button, the MONITORING window automatically opens and the update is sent to each selected player.  

This window also shows the file transfer progress and once the process has ended you will see the message “Done” replace the progress bar.

Players currently offline (red status) will show the last recorded update date and time information.

Note that you can also publish from the MONITORING window by clicking the PUBLISH button abpve the STATUS column.

This will start the file transfer process and the information in the STATUS column will be refreshed.

To publish updates at a later time and date (DEFERRED PUBLISHING)

Select your players by clicking their status boxes.  Next, open the monitoring window by clicking the MONITORING button.

The pull down menu to the left of the PUBLISH button will show "Upon receipt" by default, meaning you are publishing as soon as you click the PUBLISH button.

To publish at a later date and time, select Deferred.

Next, select the future date and time when you wish to send your updates to your players and click PUBLISH.

Auto publishing updates to your players

When the "DAILY PUBLISH" option is enabled in a player's Technical Profile, the player will receive a daily update at the specified time. When this happens, deferred publishing no longer applies because the player automatically receives all unpublished programming at that time.  Here's an example.  Let's say you have deferred publishing a week in the future and your player's technical profile has the daily publish option enabled at 1:00 AM. The player will receive your deferred update at around 1 AM tomorrow.

If you wish to use deferred publishing updates, make sure Daily Publish is disabled in your Player Technical Profile.