Using fonts in QL

QL SaaS (Cloud)

Navori manages the fonts installed on the QL SaaS. 

All fonts on the SaaS are "open sourced".

Here is a list of available fonts on QL SaaS:

QL on-premise (self-hosted server)

QL on-premise comes with a basic font set but users can also install their own TTF and OTF fonts on their servers. 

Installing fonts on QL server on-premise (beginning with QL v2.2)

  • Copy the font files on the QL Server PC under the following folder: …\MediaUpload\Fonts (NOTE: The MediaUpload folder is located on the C:\ drive by default. However, it’s location may have changed when the software was installed so you may need to check with your QL Server administrator).
  • Login to QL Server using the Content Manager on your desktop.
  • Go to Main Menu (gear icon) > Server > click License Update. A popup window will confirm once QL server has successfully updated. Click OK to close the window.
  • If the step above is not complete, the font sync process will occur automatically at midnight.
  • Select the Players on which you want to add the fonts. Click PUBLISH or MONITORING > PUBLISH to send the fonts to each selected player.
  • Reboot the player to ensure the font has successfully installed.

Important information: TrueType (TTF) and OpenType (OTF) fonts are supported.

NOTE (1): Users upgrading to v2.2 from earlier versions may notice a change in the way font names are shown in the pull-down selection menu. Fonts not currently stored in the \MediaUpload\Fonts folder will show an exclamation point in brackets (!) at the end of their name. This simply indicates the font is not in the new “Fonts” folder. If the font was correctly installed as per the previous method and displayed correctly, it will still do so after the upgrade so you can disregard the indicator. It’s just there to remind you the font file isn’t where we expect it to be. If you wish to update your player’s font from QL Server and you are on v2.2, you must copy the font file as per the instructions above.

NOTE (2): Users of commercial fonts should be aware of the terms of their licenses as this may require purchasing individual licenses for each player. Some fonts available under Creative Commons and other “freeware” fonts may permit commercial use under certain restrictions. It’s up to the user to read and respect the terms of their font licensing.