How to access a Player's Analytics Reports

To access a player’s proof of playback report, click the Analytics button above the player list after selecting the player (or players) to include in the report.

Click here for the Analytics tutorial video.

Reporting Period

Select the reporting period via the pull down menu or enter a period start and end date by clicking in each field and select each date.

To select individual dates, pick the start and end date for the report.

Search Filters

If no search parameters are entered, the results will include every content played during the specified reporting period.  

To filter your search results, you can enter the full or partial name of the desired content, an assigned meta-tag or advertising reference.  

Next, click Search to generate the results.

To remove the filters and show all played media again, clear out each field and click Search.

Aggregating Search Results

To aggregate search results, select the method: Group or Date from the first pull down menu under Aggregation.

  • Selecting Group will aggregate the results by group.
  • Selecting Date will aggregate the results by date.

Played In Full Option

Selecting this option will remove from the results any media that did not play from beginning to end.

To properly use this option we recommend also activating the Media Priority option in the playlist properties (right click on a Playlist symbol, select Playback Options > Media).  

This will ensure your reports will exclude any content that did not play until the end.  Only complete impressions will be shown in your report.

Generating a Report

To create a new report, click the Search button.  The number of records in the results will be indicated below.

NOTE: Be sure to click the Search button each time you change a parameter to refresh the results.

Information available

  • Group: The name of the group where the player is located.
  • Players: Name of the player.
  • Date: Date the event was recorded.
  • Content: Name of the content / media.
  • Position X:Y: The originating coordinate of the playback window.  If 0:0 = upper left corner of the screen.  X represents the position in pixels from the left of the screen.  Y represents the position in pixels from the top of the screen.
  • Height / Width: The height and width of the player window in pixels.  Examples: HD = 1280 x 720, Full HD = 1920 x 1080, etc… If non standard size shown, content was played in a template zone, or full-screen at a non-standard display resolution.
  • Impressions: Number of times the content was shown on the player’s screen.
  • Duration: The duration of the content.
  • Total Duration: The total content playback duration based on the number of impression and individual item duration.  
    Example: 15 sec. video with 100 impressions = total duration of 25 hours of playback.
  • Tag: Lists all tags assigned to the content.
  • Ad Ref.: Lists the advertising reference assigned to the content.


Sorting Your Results

Results are sorted alphabetically and you can reverse the order by clicking on any column title.  For example, clicking on the CONTENT column title once will bring up a small “up” arrow and the results will be sorted in ascending order.  Click again and the arrow will point down.  The results will be sorted in descending order.

You can reorder your results on any column.  Clicking on the POSITON (X:Y) title once will sort the results so all the content playing from the origin point (X:0, Y:0) will be shown first, followed by content that was displayed in other screen locations (such as in a template zone).  Clicking the title again will reverse the sorting order.

Ascending Order:


Descending Order:

Exporting Your Reports

Playback reports can be exported out of the system and saved to your local PC for distribution.  The file will be saved in Microsoft Excel format.

To export a report you just created, click the Export button.  A microsoft explorer window will open where you can select where you wish to save the file.  

The default file name will be the current date and time but you can override this and enter the name of your choice.  Click Save to complete the operation.

PLEASE NOTE: Whenever you install the QL Player software on a PC or device, an initial media file (a picture of the sky) is shown on screen until the player receives its first program update. 

Players displaying the initial media will show a 5 hour content playback in the report unless you select the Played in Full option and click the Search button to refresh the results.

Once you perform these steps, the actual initial media playback time will be shown.